Meet Miss E.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself – How would you describe your everyday vanilla life?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 2 years. He is in a government job while I am in an office job at a financial firm.  

When did you first realize you were into bondage?

I always liked intercourse to be a little more “rough” and “resistant” but it was always so hard to find someone that wanted to truly give me what I was yearning for. Also (I hate to say it) Fifty Shades of Grey coming out really allowed me to explore those feelings that I had.

How you best describe yourself and why?  Your choices are: Dominant, Submissive, Switch or Fuzzy Rainbow Unicorn.  

90% Dominant with 10% Submissive. When I was finally able to play with my partner (my current boyfriend), it started as me as the submissive. Slowly we started to switch where I was able to explore how dominant I could truly be and now I am the Domme in the relationship (except for those rare days when I’m feeling submissive) 

Do you feel that your desire for bondage is more physical or emotional?  (please elaborate)

My desire is 100% emotional… the physical is a bonus! To be able to fully and whole hearted trust your partner, allow them to do what they want knowing they’re doing it for your pleasure, is such a remarkable feeling. When I go into a scene, I feel like my boyfriend and I come out closer than we ever were because we share this deep feeling of trust and love with each other.  

Were lovers accepting of your interest in bondage?

Not until my current boyfriend. They always sort of laughed it off whenever I brought up light bondage; weather it was using a blindfold or tying my arms together. It was not widely accepted in society, let alone my own personal relationships. So when I found my current boyfriend and he surprised me after a few weeks of dating with his “bag of toys,” I knew I could finally be myself and it was the most amazing release to experience.  

Please briefly describe your first bondage experience.

My first “true” bondage experience was when my boyfriend used under the bed restraints to tie me down, blindfold with a gag, and used every accessory he had in the bag; nipple clamps, crop, whip, feature, wax, wartenberg wheel

That was the first time (as a sub) that I truly felt free to allowing my partner to do whatever they wanted but trusting them with no reservations. It was exhilarating.

What was your best bondage experience?

My best bondage experience was after a long day at work before an extended weekend with my boyfriend, I come home and find him tied down to the bed with a new toy: a chastity with a lock, in which engraved in it was “Property of Mistress E” on it. I have never felt more in charge and more connected to him at that moment. Mind you, I just got my new leather corset in that day as well ;) It was the most perfect scene for me. 

What do you feel is most important about the experience of bondage?

Connection. If you don’t have a deep-rooted connection, then the experience is totally lost. 

What is the best advice you would give to someone just starting out with BDSM?

Have an open mind. You do not know what you like until you try it. Be free and open and enjoy the time together because you could never get this type of connection with just regular vanilla ;P

What is your favorite gear, toy or lingerie item from and why?

Our sensory deprivation hood!! Pair it with earplugs and your sub will have absolutely no idea what you have in store!

What is the one sensual fantasy you haven’t lived out yet that you are excited to try? 

Office scene :X 

What’s your favorite knock-knock joke?

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Ivan who?

Ivan to do something naughty with you

What is Eskimo ice?

I don’t know but it sounds like an oxymoron


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