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Sex in Other Cultures


Fascinating sexual rituals around the world

Sexuality was a fascinating subject for many cultures around the world and it was the source of several sexual rituals. And each ritual holds a piece of sexual culture from its country which developed along the years into the vast sexuality that we get to appreciate now, worldwide.


Sex culture in Hinduism

The Hinduism culture transformed sexuality in an art and had great influences on other cultures as well, due to their unique perspective on intimate relationships.


Sex culture in Islam

The Islamic culture is so vast one and the sexual aspect of it makes no difference. It has a lot of regulations but also a lot of interesting aspects to it, and the world could learn a lot from their sexual practices.


Sex in Antique Greece

Ancient Greece has many sexual rituals that not only increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction but also have a positive impact on the fertility issues.


Sex in Ancient Rome

In Ancient Rome, sexual culture was very present and it represents the basis of nowadays sexual culture as well, in more than one aspect. But the ancient sexuality was based on virtue more than any other characteristic.


Sex in China

China is a vast culture when it comes to many aspects but sexuality tends to be by far the most explored one along the history. Furthermore, sexual intercourse is associated with a spiritual practice.


Sex in Christianity

Christianity is a complex culture and the way it treats sexuality is very diverse along the history, with plenty of religious influences and norms. Marriage is the center of sexuality and according to some Christians, it continues after Death with an eternal life in Heaven.


Sex in the Indian culture

The Indian culture treats sex as a science and respects everything that has to do with intimate relationships. The Indian sexuality reached a level of high development through the most popular books, Kama Sutra, which is nowadays known all over the world.


Sex in Japan

Japan’s sexual culture is known for placing eroticism in the center of the nobility life. This is best illustrated in the “Tale of Genji” book in which the sexual adventures and encounters of Prince Genji are well detailed for the readers.


The History of Birth Control

The fear of getting pregnant or contacting some sexually transmitted disease was the main brake for sexual development along history. However, it took centuries to reach the level of sexual safety that we know and enjoy today which comes along with a high level of sexual freedom.


The History of Same Sex Relationships

Lesbianism and homosexuality are not a recent discovery when it comes to sexuality and its culture around the world. As a matter of fact, these kinds of sexual practices have a long and rich history.

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