Your Ultimate Guides to Wigs


3 Kinky Uses of Long Hair in Bed

When it comes to using your hair during sex, here are a few ideas to get you started and encourage you to have an amazing sexual encounter!


Fittin’ the wig

You know how the old saying goes: every cross dresser loves a wig…haven’t heard of it? Ooops, must be only be the one who was heard it, wink*.


Sex Kitten Wig Tips

Wigs are a wonderful way to step up your BDSM games…Or just as a way to spice up things in bed. They are a must if you are into role-play and cross dressing, as well as other general things (like a specific fetish! Nobody can blame you wink*).


What a looker! Choosing the right wig for your face 

Congratulations! Now you are the proud owner of a wig. But you will need some guidance before you can have all that much looked for fun. To begin with, as everything should start at the beginning, let’s learn how to put it on.


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