1492A Black Luxe PVC Wide Strap Large Plastic Ring Gag

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Open wide and say "Oooohh!

With this sexy w-i-d-e strap ring gag, your lover will be much more - ahem - open to all your advances. *wink*

Our Luxe PVC is not only sexy and shiny, it's less expensive than leather, more durable, and more comfortable. Our Luxe PVC also warms and conforms to your contours, making it sooo comfortable to wear. It also leaves fewer marks than leather, so go ahead and have a quickie! It cleans up easily, returning to it's shiny like-newness with a quick wipe of a damp cloth. You know - just in case you get something on it. You can also spritz some of our antibacterial toy cleaner to keep it fresh and ready always.

This large plastic ring is easier to wear behind the teeth than a leather wrapped ring. It's smooth and won't bother your teeth, your gums or the roof of your mouth. So you can concentrate on the important tasks at hand...or rather, at mouth.

Dom/mes, do you love a drooling slave? They'll be helpless to do anything about it when they're wearing their shiny new ring gag strap. You can even drizzle in a little honey to make them drool even more (you're so bad!) or you may even dream up a little punishment with something that's not so sweet (you're sooo bad!) In fact, you might just stuff something else in there such as an inflatable gag, a dildo or plug. Perhaps, even a bit of cloth of some sort? Once the gag is in, you can wrap their mouth shut too. So, this should really be called the "imagination" gag!

Here's a gag you'll both love, so really, what's not to love about it? Now, it's time to put a little of that love where your mouth is!

You need matching bondage gear and we've got you covered. Check out all of our Black Luxe PVC Bondage Gear collection for the perfect match for this!

The Large ring is 2 1/8" outer diameter and 1 1/2" inner diameter.

Size: Fits up to 22"

For more information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

Strictness Rating:  2.0

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