1785DL Pole Position Spreader Bar with Locking Cuffs

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You can use this spreader bar while standing in a sexy pair of pumps or when laying down as a prelude to a spread-eagle position or when you're on your knees in a doggie-style position. And our position on those positions is very positive indeed!

The Pole Position Spreader Bar with Locking Cuffs will keep your slave bound and ready for whatever you desire. Locking PVC ankle cuffs are attached to this wonderful lightweight aluminum spreader bar to hold your naughty slave in the perfect position for anything you have in mind. (Oooo! Ooooo!!! I have an idea! Well, earth shattering orgasms cum to mind...)

It's a wonderful play piece for those who love metal, spreader bars or locking bondage gear. This one has it all. Each cuff closes with a hasp-style (like a D-ring welded to a plate that passes through a button hole style slot opening on the cuffs) closure and can be locked on for a securely wild ride. (Padlocks not included, sold separately.)

Does the carpet match the drapes? Who cares? But your bondage gear should match. See our Black Leatherette Bondage Gear collection to create your perfect matching set!

Size: Ankle cuffs fit up to 10 1/2" and the spreader bar is 19" wide.

Crafted of high-quality, durable leatherette, you can have all the fun at half the cost of genuine leather. Plus, it cleans up quick with a damp cloth. You know, in case you get anything on it. *wink* A spritz of antibacterial toy cleaner also helps keep it fresh and ready always.

Strictness Rating: 3.0 - 4.0

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