6340D Personal Cleansing Inflatable Rubber Enema Plug

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Perfect for medical play time, enema enthusiasts, and simply for those who like anal toys. This inflatable plug is made of soft, durable latex, and starts at a little over ½” diameter - the outer dimension of the hollow tube running through the plug. At 4 ½” long, it's neither too small nor too big, but you can certainly try and see if you can take it all! 

I pumped it up four times and it nearly reached a 2 ½” diameter! The inflation bulb is easy to use by controlling the thumb turn valve to keep air in or let it out. Pump the bulb with the valve open for an interesting pulsing effect! The tube for administering enemas has a 5/16” inner diameter. Its stretchable feature makes it a perfect start for anal play beginners to explore how far they can stretch! 

Hogtie your sub to the limit then watch them squirm as you play with this inflatableButt feel free to enjoy this when playing solo.  

Be sure to see our selection of anal lubricants for a more comfortable insertion, as well as one of our antibacterial toy cleaners to keep all your toys clean and safe for more fun, sex-filled playtimes ahead! 

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