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8942DL Black Spandex Open Eyes Beginner Hood

My Black Spandex Open Eyes Beginner Hood is a great hood for the nervous bondage novice and the long-time player alike! The open eye portion makes way for your own blindfold plus a gag fits easily underneath it, so you can choose the way you play.

It also transforms your lover into a very mysterious stranger if you are into that type of fantasy. The very comfortable spandex hood stretches snugly and fits quite perfectly on your head and it feels fantastic. It's so easy to put on that you won't have the bondage-interruptus of some other heavy gear, making this just perfect for the beginner and for anyone who loves to play spontaneously. 

Your sub can look sensual in a snap with this form-fitting yet comfortable number. We didn't give up function over form, so the hood effectively obscures their identity while making them look good too. They can be anybody you want them to be for the ultimate bedroom thrill.

It can easily slip over heads of different sizes for the perfect fit. You can improve role play without restricting eye contact or hide their identity with ease. It's a definite level up to your usual BDSM sessions. While they are hooded, you can taunt them with dildos and various sensory toys.

Black spandex hood is available in one size fits all. Find matching gear in our Black Leatherette Bondage Gear collection.

Strictness Rating: 2.0

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