7077A Candy Jar Locking Candy Blue Leather Female Chastity Belt

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Don't get caught with your hands in the Candy Jar or you just might get locked up in this sexy little chastity belt! You're the sweet treat and you need to be saved for later, so your owner had probably better lock you up in our Candy Jar Locking Candy Blue Leather Female Chastity Belt to keep you from cheating.

This belt is great for self bondage and teasing too. Freeze the keys in ice and you'll be forced to wait until it melts. But how long can you keep your hands out of the Candy Jar?

Our beautiful leather female chastity harness is just the thing for you, naughty girl! Use the crotch strap to keep toys out or hold them in. Of course, you can still try to use a vibrator through the leather strap, but you'll only end up frustrated. Then again, all this stimulation can keep you very horny for your lover, so maybe it's not such a bad thing.

Your owner can add their favorite clit pump and butt plug or vibrating bullet under the strap and leave you panting, breathless, craving for their touch, and desperate for release - of any kind! Either way, you belong to your key holder who now has the power, dominance and control! 

Lock the crotch panel and the waist strap with your own padlocks (not included). So the only way you'll be getting any satisfaction or relief is with your owner's permission. 

Crafted in our beautiful, exclusive Candy Blue color bondage leather, our locking chastity belt is sure to be your new favorite in your toy box. Good thing it's so well made and durable!

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One size fits 27"-34" around the waist and 20"-30" between the legs.
Plus size fits 35"-43" around the waist and 26"-36" between the legs.

Strictness Rating: 2.50 - 5.0 depending on what you keep out or put in!

**Please note that due to the personal nature of this item and because this item is subject to genital and bodily fluid contact, this item is non-returnable.

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