1812DL Door Bangers Wrist & Ankle Spread Eagle Cuffs Set

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Are you looking for bondage gear that packs up nice and easy for vacations, one night stands or even a one night stand while you're on a vacation? Our Door Bangers Wrist & Ankle Spread Eagle Cuffs Set, allows you to bring the kink wherever the party is. And, we all know that the party is wherever you and these cuffs are!

It takes almost no time at all to be bound securely yet comfortably in a spread eagle position to any door with this wonderful set. Let the fun begin!

The adjustable 1 ½” wide black neoprene nylon bondage wrist cuffs are very adjustable for even the smallest wrists, up to a 12” diameter. The matching black ankle bondage cuffs are also very adjustable even for the smallest of ankles, up to a 16” diameter.

You can just have your lover wear the cuffs if you prefer. They are great to sleep in after you've been tired out (you know what I mean...) because they're so soft and comfy. Better yet, use the attached hardware snap hooks to secure them to the door! The tether straps come with non-marring plastic tubes which thread through the heavy duty braided nylon straps to let you close the door and hold them in place.

The four adjustable black bondage tethers which extend up to 13” bind your lover to the door and allows you to do whatever you want to them as they moan load enough to wake the people down the hall. After all, that is what vacation is all about isn’t it? (Or you could always bring a gag too...) 

You can even use these cuffs separately and tie the tethers to the bedposts or to the corners of the table, the stair railing...wherever you can think of!

Then again, if you decide to stay at home instead of burning it down in a hotel room – why not have a Bondage Staycation? 

Door Bangers Wrist & Ankle Spread Eagle Cuffs Set includes 4 Tethers with Door Jam Tubes, 2 Wrist Cuffs and 2 Leg Cuffs. It's a travel bag essential you shouldn't leave behind. 

You need matching gear and we've got you covered. Check out all our matching Black Leather Bondage Gear for the perfect match for this! The cuffs will go great with a collar and blindfold! How about a naughty toy to use on your slave while they're helpless? The possibilities are endless!

Strictness Rating: 2.5

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