7381AR Hard Up Stainless Steel Locking Penis Plug Chastity

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Lock up your slave’s cock for the ultimate pleasure, pain and exquisite sexual stimulation and deviously inorgasmic Hard Up Stainless Steel Locking Penis Plug Chastity. Hold the keys in your hand knowing only you can set him free.

Our Hard Up Stainless Steel Locking Penis Plug Chastity is great for cock training your male slave. Make him wait to have his orgasm because he must please you first. Add more kink with bondage gear such as a blindfold and gag.  

Are you looking to do some self bondage? Freeze the keys in ice and wait for them to melt as you enjoy the sensation of being plugged in this device. Use a vibrator to tease the sound into giving you intense pleasure.  

Our Hard Up Stainless Steel Locking Penis Plug Chastity is devilishly simple to use. Simply slip his cock and balls in the steel cock ring first. Afterward carefully slide the 5 1/4" long and 5/16" (8 mm) diameter urethral plug into his penis. Be sure to use plenty of lube for insertion. Take your pick from one of our quality lubricants for a smooth entry. Slide the end over the bar welded to the base cock ring then insert the padlock and he's all yours!

Place the 2" cock ring bar below the scrotum to give the penis a downward bend. But if you want to be extra cruel, put the bar over the top to make his penis bend upwards!

Every mistress demands complete control over her man. Moreover, she wants him ready to please her at all times. This erotic sexual denial brings keeps a man’s sexual energy and interest at its peak. It results in more intense and pleasurable sex for her, and surprisingly, for him too!

Edging is a practice whereby dom/me brings the male slave to the constant edge of orgasm and denies him the satisfaction until she is satisfied first. So, he increases his efforts to please her until she allows him cum. But don’t expect to get permission on the same night. It doesn’t always happen. Even so, the extended tease and denial can intensify the actual orgasm to the point of being unforgettable. Forget "tantric" sex, the newest buzz is chastity, edging and orgasm control and orgasm denial!

Our Hard Up Stainless Steel Locking Penis Plug Chastity feels great and it's easy to clean up after fun. Just spray a little of our antibacterial toy cleaner on it then run it under warm water so it’s ready for the next time! Clean well before storage.

Now, let the temptation and sexual tension begin. Cock and ball torture has never been so deliciously, wickedly fun!

** Note: This item is non-returnable due to its personal nature and exposure to genital and body fluids.

Strictness Rating: 5.0

This item is made of Stainless Steel.

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