2227M Magic Wand G-Spot Stimulator Attachment

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Simply put, the Magic Wand G-Spot Stimulator Attachment is amazing. Just look at the photo - that's why you clicked on it!

The Magic Wand G-Spot Stimulator Attachment features a curved, bulbous shaft perfect for P-Spot stimulation, while the powerful motor of your wand style vibrator delivers mind-blowing vibrations directly to your most sensitive area.

The tapered tip makes insertion a breeze, while the sturdy cap ensures safe and easy handling. Try filling yourself with the Magic Wand G-Spot Stimulator Attachment during your other sexual activities for added stimulation and for a stiffer erection and the strongest, hardest ejaculation ever. Go on - you know you want to try it!

(See our full line of wand massagers for something to attach this to, including our multi-function wands.)

Be sure to use plenty of lubricantor one of our special numbing Anal Lubricants for an extra wet and wild encounter! Cleanup is a snap after the fun with a spritz of ourantibacterial Toy Cleaner and warm water.

There are tons of bondage accessories for you to use with a wand massager and this attachment. If you're playing solo, you can add nipple clamps for a pleasurable sensation to your tits.

Dimension: Widest diameter of insertable plug: 1 1/8"

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