960A More Than a Mouthful Black Leather Penis Pump Gag Trainer


How about this little blow job trainer for your slave slut? You know there's a reason why you clicked on this...and I know why you did! *wink*

This high quality black leather panel gag holds an incredibly sexy latex rubber penis gag inside. The penis gag itself is a mouth-filling 1.5" diameter and 2" long. It's not only muffling, it's quite a training tool as well - quite literally. The leather panel helps the little rubber tool behind it in the muffling department. The panel presses against your sub's lips, effectively muffling any kinds of noises to make it past the rubber cock gag lodged firmly in their mouth.

With the over-the-head straps keeping this gag firmly in your slave's mouth, they'll have to practice on the penis gag until you say they're finished! Plus, if they're not practicing on it, you can always enjoy the penis in another way? After all, I can think of another use for this inflatable toy and you can go back and forth - literally! - from one use to the other.

Now that's sexy! You can add more kink to your bondage play. Tape your sub's eyes to keep them in the dark and on edge for what's coming their way. Bind their wrists as well so they cannot resist! 

You're going to love our matching Black Leather Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set!

For more information, please see our Gags FAQ page.

** Trainer Top Tips!
Twist the straps that align at the bridge of the nose, between the eyes the first time you put this on. Everyone's face is shaped a little different and we've designed that rivet to be a pivot point so those straps that run up the cheek, along the eyes, can be adjusted for the wearer's comfort. Just grasp the strap that goes over the top of the head and hold both nose straps with your other hand. A few twists back and forth should do it and you'll be able to move the straps so they don't cover your sub's eyes!

Another great tip to position that strap perfectly at the bridge of the nose if the straps meet together too low is to buckle the overhead strap more tightly to pull it upwards to the forehead. If it's too high, just loosen the top strap buckles and tighten the chin strap to pull it down.

Strictness Ratings: 4.0

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