7281A Pink Leather Double Mouth Guard Trainer

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You'll have no choice but to serve in silence and Cum Quietly when you're forced to wear this very effective gag! The lead ring on the front is the "Come" part - Dom/mes, attach your favorite leash to lead with or use it as a tie-down point.

The "Quietly" part is due to those two rubber mouth guards attached to the inside of the Red Leather Double Mouth Guard Gag Trainer. It muffles any attempt at speech. This is one of the most effective gags I've ever worn which is why it gets a top Strictness Rating of "5"!

The bonus (depending on how you look at it, of course) is because this gag is extremely effective and strict, it causes the wearer to drool uncontrollably. Plus, there's no way for the wearer to push or pull the gag out of their mouth when it's buckled on. You've seen it - all of us subs have a magical way of getting a ball gag out of our mouths even when they're buckled on. Well, not with this gag! Once the gag is inserted, it's there until it's unbuckled and removed.

The ring on the front lets you have even more fun when you attach your favorite hardware or leash to enjoy some pet & pony play. Do you love it when your sub is helpless? We do too - strap the Double Mouth Guard Gag Trainer on your sub and they'll be helpless indeed!

Crafted in our Signature Exclusive Hot Pink bondage leather to keep your pretty princess sub quiet. After all, she's fantastic to look at and incredible when screaming out in muffled orgasmic bliss! *wink* Mistresses, this is perfect for training your boy toy to become your feminized slut too! He'll be quiet during even the most intense teasing or spankingsession!

We just love this color and we know you will too. So we've made it easy for you to select all the matching Hot Pink Leather Bondage Gear from our complete collection. Create your perfect bondage gear playtime matched set!

Mouth Guard color may vary

For more information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

** Trainer Top Tips!
Twist the straps that align at the bridge of the nose, between the eyes the first time you put this on. Everyone's face is shaped a little different and we've designed that rivet to be a pivot point so those straps that run up the cheek, along the eyes, can be adjusted for the wearer's comfort. Just grasp the strap that goes over the top of the head and hold both nose straps with your other hand. A few twists back and forth should do it and you'll be able to move the straps so they don't cover your sub's eyes!

Another great tip to position that strap perfectly at the bridge of the nose if the straps meet together too low is to buckle the overhead strap more tightly to pull it upwards to the forehead. If it's too high, just loosen the top strap buckles and tighten the chin strap to pull it down.

Strictness Rating:  5.0

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