1417R Pink Rubber Lined Locking Stainless Steel Collar

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So sexy, so strict, so beautiful, so pink!

I love our stainless steel collars, so when I saw this in our Signature Pink, I knew I had to have one. Then I had to have the matching wrist cuffs. Hey, you have to accessorize properly!

It locks with a beautiful and unique disc and padlock closure (padlock included) and has a very useful D-Ring hardware piece front and center to make all kinds of attachmentsto, from your favorite leashto a pair of wrist cuffs (or ankle cuffs if you're that flexible - lucky you!) or whatever your kinky mind can come up with.

You're going to love slave pet training with this wonderfully beautiful, sexy and unique stainless steel and pink rubber collar. Make your lover the object of your intense lust when they're locked inside!

Be sure to add our matching Femme Slave Pink Rubber Lined Stainless Steel Locking Wrist Bondage Cuffs for an incredibly sexy set.

Perfect for girly princesses and Mistress bonus - These steel cuffs are great for forced feminization of your male slave too!

Fits from 15" - 16.5" around the neck.

Strictness Rating: 4.0

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