6777DL Pressing Matter Flat Nipple Clamps

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Who knew that ultimate pleasure is just a pinch away? Don't believe me?

Get just the right squeeze and make your nipples perk up with pleasure with these gorgeous Pressing Matter Flat Nipple Clamps! These classic metal nipple presses feature adjustable vise-screws that gently apply pressure to your nipples, keeping them erect and increasing nipple sensitivity.

They're so easy to use - just open them wide, place the clamps over your erect nipple and adjust the screw until you've reached your desired pressure. Tie a little cord or string to each of them then tie it off to cuffs, the bedposts, toes or whatever you can think of for added sensation and predicament bondage. Imagine that during a spanking!

These little nipple vises provide hands-free pleasures from mild to wild. What happens next is up to you! You are sure to need something serious to muffle your screams - bring out the panel style muffler gag!

Sold in pairs.

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Strictness Rating: 1.0 - 4.0 depending on how tight you make them!

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