9013DL Self Binding Locking Wrist Cuffs

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Sen-sational! Soft but certainly not all sweet, our Self Binding Locking Wrist Cuffs make any evening even better! Specifically designed with your slave's comfort in mind, but also with a Master's desire for slave submission, these locking wrist cuffs pair beauty with real comfort - and they're still very effective as well. 

We've brought these back, but in budget friendly leatherette this time and we absolutely love them. The leatherette is not only supple and comfortable to wear, but very durable too.

They work very easily - just place the cuff's button-hole style openings over the rounded hasp post where it's the most comfortable (or tightest!). Then pass the strap through the hole in the post to keep them from coming off. That's it! There are no buckles to deal with yet they're just as secure.

You want them to be even more secure, you say? Well, good - you're just our type! Once these are on, you can add your own padlocks (sold separately) to keep your submissive under lock and key! You can add other hardware to connect them together or to a collar, thigh cuffs, a bondage belt, ankle cuffs...hmmmmmm....)

These wrist cuffs will fit anyone from 5 1/2" up to 8 1/2" and are a comfy 2" wide. Created of high quality leatherette for all the bondage fun at half the cost of leather.

You need matching gear and we've got you covered. Check outBlack Leatherette Bondage Gear collection for the perfect match for this! 

Strictness Rating: 2.5

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