1844M Steel Your Heart Rubber Lined Stainless Steel Locking Cuffs

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Hot, hot, HOT! These incredibly gorgeous Rubber Lined Stainless Steel Locking Cuffs are a must have for any well-dressed slave! Your sub will appreciate being the apple of your eye and it shows exactly how much you care for them when you lock them up in chromed cuffs this deliciously sexy.

Each cuff is about 5/8" thick with rounded rubber edges to make all that steel fit so comfortably, you'll want to wear these cuffs all day. These are made to look great and work well at the same time fit and feel awesome!

The set includes 2 steel cuffs, 2 padlocks to lock them on plus a chain to connect them together, making them even more restrictive - yet still very comfortable. The included chain is just right to create the perfect length of movement available for serving duties. Put on a French maid's costume and a pair of sexy shoes along with our Stainless Steel Locking Cuffs is sure to steal your Master's heart away!

You're going to love this set of incredible steel cuffs, whether you're a Dom/me or sub. How do I know? Well, just look at them!

These fit from 9.25" up to a 10.25" circumference around the wrists or ankles. Its soft and sexy rubber lining is just the thing to really heighten your fantasies with pure rubber and sexy steel - it's true fetish hotness!

Strictness Rating: 3.0

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