9799M Sub-Shock Electro-Stim Urethral Sound

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Supercharge your sex life with our incredible Sub-Shock Electro-Stim Urethral Sound! Perfect for electro-sex aficionados, the urethral plug is a full 3.75" (95 mm) long with just under 0.3" (8 mm) diameter. 

Choose a setting on your own control unit's dial to select your intensity and go from a sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap in an instant while enjoying hands free electro-stim pleasures! It's up to you - or your Mistress! 


- One 3.75" long insertable urethral sound with tab to accept electrical lead wire (Lead Wires Not Included.) 

- Two Inter-changeable Glans rings (measuring 1.25" and 1" inner diameters) 

Be sure to use plenty of a good quality lubricant to insert the electro-stim urethral sound. Choose from our Lubricants Collection like theSilicone Moist Lubricant and Latex Shine.  

TIP: To increase conductivity and prevent irritation, be sure to use ourElectro-Stimulation Shock Therapy Electro-Sex Gelwith your Sub-Shock Electro-Stim Urethral Sound. 

This item does not include the electrical stimulation power unit or lead wires. Please note that it only works with the following single channel power units: 

2467AE        Hand Held Digital USB E-Stim Power Box 

6919R          Sub-Shock Electro-Stimulation Power Box 

9777M          Digital Electro-Stim Power Box 

9778M          Electro-Stim 2 Port Accessory Power Box 

9779M          Electro Sex Palm Power Box 

9801M          Power Play Digital E-Stim Power Box Controller 

Please note:  
*Do not use electro-sex toys on broken skin, eyelids or on persons with cardiac pacemakers and pregnant women. 

**This item is non-returnable due to its personal nature, since it is subject to contact with genital and bodily fluids. 

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