1534R Sub Shock XL Electro Stim Butt Plug

Anal training and e-stim training for your tightly bound sex slave all in one? Yes, please! The Sub Shock XL Electro Stim Butt Plug is one big, bad boy here to provide both.

The tapered tip is only 1" (2.5 cm) in diameter for easy insertion, butt it sure fills you up with a full 2" (5.2 cm) diameter! The slim stem before the base helps to keep this mighty plug nestled firmly where it should be during training, serving, sex or spankings! (Is it getting hot in here?)

Give your sex life a charge with the Shock Therapy Extreme Butt Plug! Perfect for anal aficionados, this shock plug connects to an electro-power unit to provide thrilling e-stimulation directly to your most pleasurable spot.

The tapered tip will ease insertion as it gradually expands to a 2” width. The 2.75" wide base ensures that it won’t slip too far inside and offers safe and easy handling and even works in most of our harnesses with butt plug keepers. With metal plating on either side, this plug provides incredible sensations that deliver amazing hands-free climaxes!

TIP: To increase conductivity and prevent irritation, be sure to use our Shock Therapy Electro-Sex Gel with your new plug.

This item does not include the electrical stimulation power unit. Please note that it only works with the following single channel power units:

2467AE        Hand Held Digital USB E-Stim Power Box
6919R          Sub-Shock Electro-Stimulation Power Box
9777M          Digital Electro-Stim Power Box
9778M          Electro-Stim 2 Port Accessory Power Box
9779M          Electro Sex Palm Power Box
9801M          Power Play Digital E-Stim Power Box Controller

Insertable length: 4.5” (11.4 cm)
Largest Width: 2” (5.1 cm).

Be sure to use plenty of lubricantor one of our special numbing Anal Lubricants for an extra wet and wild encounter! Cleanup is a snap after the fun with a spritz of ourantibacterial Toy Cleaner and warm water.

Electro-sex is better when you dress up for roleplay. We have a wide selection of apparel for bondage enthusiasts. If you’re a sissy male slave, you’ll have a lot of fun browsing through our crossdressing selection.

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