7239AR The Shaft 5” Hollow Steel Penis Plug Locking Chastity Device with Glans Ring

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Lock in your slave’s cock in our Shaft 5” Hollow Steel Penis Plug Locking Chastity Device with Glans Ring to experience the ultimate pleasure and pain. It promises to give him exquisite sexual stimulation yet deviously keep him from having an orgasm while locked in his steel cock cage. Are you excited knowing only you have the power to set him free?

Our Shaft 5” Hollow Steel Penis Plug Locking Chastity Device with Glans Ring is great for cock training your male slave. Make him wait to have his orgasm. He must please you first. So, go ahead and add a couple more bondage gear to the mix (perhaps a blindfold or gag!) 

It's also the ideal choice for you if you want to do some self bondage. Freeze the keys to the lock and wait for the ice to melt as you enjoy the sensation of being locked in this device. Use a vibrator to tease the sound into giving you a pleasurable afternoon filled with orgasms and self-satisfaction.  

Simply slip his penis into the steel cock cage then close the hinged base ring around his balls. Ensure complete servitude by placing the locking pin through both the ring and the cage to secure the steel cock chastity with the included brass padlock. The rubber liner on the hinge prevents pinching .

Follow the deviously ridged and curved hollow urethral sound and cage. A ring at the head of the penis slides along the top rod and can hug the glans or anywhere along the length of the penis. A ring at the base of the penis squeezes.  If you do get hard however, the length of the top rod will dictate exactly how hard you're allowed to get because the sound keeper is welded to the tip!

The diameter of the steel cock ring at the base measures 1.75” and reduces to 1.25" at the tip. The glans ring is 1.5" in diameter at the base of the penis. Lock him in at the end and let the temptation and sexual tension begin. Cock and ball torture has never been so deliciously, kinky fun!

Do you need a different base ring size? We offer 3 sizes of locking, hinged replacement rings for this chastity so you can get the proper, tight fit you want! Choose from a 1.5" size ring, a 1.75" ring or a 2" ring.

Strictness Rating: 5.0

** Note: This item is non-returnable due to its personal nature and exposure to genital and body fluids.

This item is made of Stainless Steel.

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