4732A Three-Way Connector

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My three-way connector lets you triple your fun in the bedroom. This time around, you can bring to life whatever your naughty imagination can dream of!

Its handy, wide snap hooks are easy to use and fits over just about all larger hardware with its 3/8" wide jaw. It is a great way to connect a pair of wrist cuffs to each ankle cuff, or to a single tether or any other connection point you want! 

Are your sub's hands in the way of a good whipping? Well, then keep those hands away from their butt by connecting their wrist restraints to their bondage collar. Just be sure their gag is stuffed tight to muffle their screams. You wouldn't want to wake up your neighbors. *wink* 

For the more daring BDSM enthusiasts, use my three-way connector to restrain your naughty slave in a restrictive hogtie. Add a spreader bar for greater restriction and kink during your playtime. The possibilities are almost endless! 

You're going to love our matching Black Leather Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set!

Strictness Rating: 2.50

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