1103E Tie Breaker Stainless Steel Safety Scissors

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Your little girl loves being all bound up. But when the heat gets too much for her to handle, you know It's time to break the ties so the real fun can begin ;)

Your lover's welfare is paramount when she's all bound up. For this, you need our dependable Tie Breaker Stainless Steel Safety Scissors in your toy box at all times.

This particular pair of safety scissors is handy in case of an emergency. It's able to cut through rope and even leather cuffs in a snap. This is on account of the good amount of leverage the length and shape of its handles offer. It cuts through the thickest materials easily and quickly.

The flat bottom edge of the scissors lets you insert the blade in under the cuff, rope or wraps quickly without hurting your precious submissive’s skin. For this reason, our stainless steel Tie Breaker Safety Scissors works great for cutting off our Bondage Wraps easily and safely, whether it's a crisis or not.  

Our Tie Breaker Stainless Steel Safety Scissors are always ready and even travel with us - yours should too!

Check out our bondage gear collection and pair it with these safety scissors and other accessories.

Made of stainless steel, its Large size measures 7.5” long and the cutting portion of the blade is 2" long.

Its Small size measures 6" long and the cutting portion of the blade is 1.75" long.

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