4711A World's Best Gag Tape, Purple

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Silence is golden but my gag tape comes in many colors!

This is soooooo much nicer than duct tape! Not only does it look sexier because of its shiny, smooth surface, it's a LOT more sub friendly. I call this the world's best gag tape! I've searched the world over and tried a lot of tapes and this one is by far the best! It's easier to remover my gag tape and it won't leave adhesive or sticky residue on your face you'd have to scrape off later (bleah!).

This gag tape is perfect to use as an initial mouth cover before putting on a panel gag or a full hood. Bet you can even do a little surprise with a blindfold and a spanking to the ass. 

What a show it will be! ;)

When it cums to colors, you'll have something for every notion!

(Hint: To make it even *less* sticky for folks with very dry skin, press a piece on the palm of your hand or on the sheets before you seal your sub's mouth shut with it. Doing so helps reduce the tack and it'll come off much easier afterward!)

You get a lot of this 2" wide tape with a full 36 yards of it in every roll so you can use lots of it!

Strictness Rating: 2.0 (or more depending on what you stuff in first! ;)

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