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The History of Birth Control

The fear of getting pregnant or contacting some sexually transmitted disease was the main brake for sexual development along history. But people tried to discover methods to keep themselves safe and still explore their sexual identity which is a pleasant and intense journey. However, it took centuries to reach the level of sexual safety that we know and enjoy today which comes along with a high level of sexual freedom.

In the ancient world of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome, abortion was also considered a method of birth control, without other moral influences regarding this practice that is to be avoided so much today. But other forms of birth control involved the usage of acacia leaves and lint that were placed into the vagina to block sperm. Acacia gum was also considered to have spermatocidal qualities and it is still used today in some contraceptives. Old writings, mention the usage of a mixture made of honey and sodium carbonate that was applied inside the vagina and was supposed to prevent pregnancies. Ancient Egypt was known for using breastfeeding up to three years because this practice was thought to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. In China and India, a good contraceptive method was considered to be a mixture of oil and quicksilver which were heated together and swallowed by the women who didn’t want to get pregnant. But one of the most common contraceptive methods for couples all over the world during ancient times was the ability and the skill of men to not experience an orgasm inside their female partner and pull themselves always so that they sperm will not be released inside their partner’s vagina. This method is known internationally as coitus interruptus method and it is still applied worldwide until this day. Indians were the most developed when it comes to birth control methods. They used to have several ways to prevent a pregnancy by using plants and herbs mixtures such as palm leaf and red chalk or honey, ghee and rock salt. When it comes to Europe, religion had a strong word to say regarding contraceptive methods. Any method was highly argued by the Catholic Church in particular so none of them had an easy course of popularity among couples. Coitus interruptus was one of the most used contraceptive methods. Condoms appeared in Europe for the first time in the 16th century but were seen as a barrier contraceptive method used mainly to prevent sexual transmitted diseases instead of pregnancies. In 1909, the first device made of silkworm gut was meant to be placed at the entrance of the uterus to avoid pregnancies. The device was invented by Richard Richter and got developed more and marketed in Germany in 1920s.

All these historical tries led step by step to the modern birth control methods which are used all over the world. Condoms are the most popular ones in all cultures nowadays but also birth control pills and different medical procedures that stop the biological process of procreation are gaining more and more popularity each year. In the United States, birth control methods were legal for most of the 19th century but at the beginning of the 0th century there were struggles to maintain them on the market. This is where people like Margaret Sanger and Otto Bobsein intervened and fought for the women’s right over their own bodies. Nowadays, birth control methods are known and applied worldwide and people have the freedom to explore their sexuality to the level that they feel comfortable to do it. We are all sexual beings and we enjoy a quality sexual scene with less worries when it comes to possible pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases. Once birth control methods gained more support and acceptance, sexual fetishes and practices started to develop and gain more popularity as well. That is how e get to enjoy intense BDSM fetishes nowadays without being concerned for our health or having to endure an abortion due to the lack of birth control methods.

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