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Why Some Men Pay for Sex

Sex is the most common practice worldwide, and it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways because the pleasure obtained by it is very permissive for all genders and sexual orientations. Some men, and rarely some women, tend to exchange money for a good sexual encounter and this is an acceptable form of obtaining sexual pleasure and satisfaction when an individual happens to be alone and with no friends with benefits. It is a fair solution to a necessity that is part of our human nature. However, there are other reasons too that leads to paying for sexual services obtained from escorts and professional performers. And some of these reasons are fairly exciting and even a turn on by themselves. So, let’s see why some men tend to prefer to pay for sex instead of obtaining it in the traditional way.

1. Increases the sense of power over the partner

Men love to feel powerful in many aspects of their life and this is due to their nature. They like to be in charge of as many things as possible and when it comes to their sexual life, this translates into a dominating attitude toward their partner. However, when there is no partner to dominate in their life, paying for an escort is a good option. When sexual pleasure and satisfaction is offered as an exchange for money, the power is so much more increased and the feeling of control that men experience is stronger which can be a significant turn on for many. Especially those that find themselves attracted to BDSM activities and have fantasies and fetishes from that particular field.

2. Gives them the freedom to enjoy new sexual fetishes

Many of us don’t have the sexual freedom that we would like to enjoy, as much as we try to achieve it. When we want to experience a new sexual fetish or fantasy, we have to consider if our partner is on the same page with us. We might like bondage sex but our lover might not be so turned on by it. Or we might want to experience something new such as anal sex or different types of sexual stimulation. The fact that our partner is not interested to join us in such practices, it doesn’t mean that we can’t experience our own fantasies either. And for such situations, enjoying your sexual fantasies with a professional in the matter is preferable to not enjoying them at all. Not to mention that a professional escort can give you a real flavour of what your fantasy is all about and they can help you decide if you want to pursue such a fetish with your constant lover.

3. A way to exercise their pleasure with no strings attached

Men love what is called “sport sex” which is a common term that defines sexual encounters without the emotional attachment and the obligations that might be implied for such experiences. Some of them have friends with benefits and that works just find, especially since the desire for no strings attached is mutual between both partners involved in the sexual experience. But, if there are no friends with benefits in sight, paying for sexual encounters is a reliable solution for many men. And as long as they make their choices right and take care of safety measures before the pleasure aspects, this can be a successful experience. Plus, with a professional escort you always have the chance to try out new sex toys that you always were curious about such as male chastity for instance.

Therefore, there are legit reasons why men engage in paid sexual encounters with escorts and according to individual preferences there might be even more reasons. When it comes to sex, there are many aspects that tend to be particular to each individual and our needs are not generally uniformed either. So, live your fantasies in any way that you can because it is worse than not experiencing them at all!

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