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3 Fun Sex Positions for Every Room in the House

The good news about living together with your partner is the chance to have sexual encounters in every room of your household. This type of freedom can increase the level of intimacy between the two of you. Hence, the great impact it has on your sex life as a couple. Statistics show couples who live together have a more intense sex life in contrast to those who are just dating. The reason for this is rather simple. These couples are able to try out new sex positions every day. To make things even better, your sexual encounters all over your house, in any room you can think of could lead to interesting orgasms. Here are some ideas to put into play when you want to think outside the bedroom and increase your sexual pleasure along with satisfaction!

1. On top of household objects

Next time you look at your items around the house, look deeper because some of them have an impressive capacity to offer you pleasure. For instance, imagine having sex on top of the washing machine! To make it even more exciting, make sure turn it on so both of you can enjoy the intense vibrations it gives. Add as many sex toys and accessories as you want from the classic nipple clamps to spreaders and even handcuffs. It all depends on your sexual desire, preference and kinky imagination. Ask your lover about their sexual fantasies. Perhaps, you can fulfill both of your expectations and have an unforgettable experience right in the comfort of your home! Indeed, it is the chance for an intense date night. No doubt, both of you will remember it for a long time. Moreover, it could be the first of many more encounters!

2. Against the wall or the door

A standing sexual encounter can bring about intense orgasms and complex sexual experiences. Choose any wall of your house to support your sexy bodies. You can also choose any door to indulge in your naughty sexual desire to do it standing up. It is one way to expand your personal life and help you reach new levels as a couple! For someone with an inclination for exhibitionism, you can even have a sex scene against a window if that turns you on. Being watched can be extremely hot for both of you. Likewise, it is affordable to try it at least once before you rule it off your sexual checklist.

3. In the tub or shower

Having sex in the shower is a classic. But if you haven’t tried it yet, then you definitely should! It is never too late to indulge in such an intense sexual encounter and reach an amazing orgasm with your lover. In fact, there is a certain level of sensuality as water runs down your bodies while having sex. If you are more of the romantic type, then add scented candles to make it dreamier. You can also play romantic music in the background to create just the right atmosphere to make the most of the situation. Doing so could increase your pleasure and satisfaction. Moreover, boost the emotional connection between the two of you!

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