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3 Sex Actions to Show Passionate Body Language

Passionate sex is very intense and exciting for all couples that have a happy and healthy relationship. It is that kind of sexual encounter that makes your heart pump faster and gives you an amazing, exploding orgasm at the end. You can experience passionate sex even during a one-night stand.

Passion and desire can be reflected through your body language. You can let your lover know just how excited you are by skipping words and just paying attention to your physical responses during intercourse. Your lover will most likely do the same. All you must do is take notice of what their body is telling you through those passionate gestures.

Here are some actions that you need to do in order to imply how enflamed and intense the sex is.

1. Kiss passionately

Kissing passionately is a fantastic way to have an intense foreplay. And it also works during intercourse as well. Take kissing breaks during your sexual encounters in order to express your passion to your lover. The sexual energy between the two of you will increase a lot! You can replace dirty talk with fiery kisses if you feel up for it. Kissing will also keep the level of intimacy high between the two of you and you will feel much more connected to each other. Passionate kissing can also be the difference between making love than having a quickie just to get an orgasm. Over time, these moments of kissing tend to strengthen the bound between the two of you. It makes you feel more appreciated by your lover in a sensual way.

2. Touch each other’s erogenous zones

We all know how essential it is to stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones for a successful sexual encounter! Everything is not about the penis and the vagina as our bodies have many other areas that can generate intense pleasure and can even lead us to amazing orgasms. Try adding a pair of nipple clamps next time you two get busy! Add some anal plugs to spice things up in the bedroom! Men find prostate stimulators extremely helpful because they can have more intense sexual stimulation by using one of those sex toys and accessories.

You just need an open mind to reach new levels of your sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It helps if you already know your erogenous parts but, if you are not sure, you can always play erotic games until you find them all! Your lover will be more than happy to join you in this exciting sexual journey since both of you will benefit from it. Discovering new ways to obtain sexual pleasure is a great recipe for a long term, happy and healthy relationship by beating sexual monotony!

3. Look into each other’s eyes

Keeping eye contact during your sexual encounter can turn both of you on much more than you think! You will feel more connected to your lover when you look into their eyes during an intense intercourse, even during foreplay. You might even reach an intense orgasm by just doing so because seeing your lover enjoying the sexual pleasure that you two shares, is extremely hot! You can also use sexy words or dirty talk in order to increase the level of sexual energy.Use your imagination to make your sex life a lot more passionate as it can be.

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