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3 Things Women Do to Turn Off Men

Guys are just as easy to turn off as they are to turn on. But most of the things to turn a guy off are not even so obvious. You will have to pay extra attention to certain gestures or attitudes. To make things even more complicated, they will not always tell you what exactly made them loose sexual interest in you. Although when it usually happens they are not aware of it either. The good news is there are some general things you can do to avoid turning him off and keep his sexual interest in you alive. Here are what you should look after to ensure you have a satisfying sexual life as well as healthy and happy relationship with your man.

1. Women who are not happy with their bodies

Beauty comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. Therefore, you should embrace your body just the way it is without creating unnecessary complexes. If you lack self-confidence, your partner will not be able to see your true value either. Confidence also comes from knowing your own sexuality and being aware of what sexual practices give you extreme pleasure. Increase your level of confidence by engaging in long sessions of masturbation in front of a mirror. You can use sex toys and accessories such as your favorite dildo, vibrator or orgasm belt. Seeing your body while you are pleasing yourself will make you appreciate it a lot more. At the same time, it puts you in charge of your own sexual satisfaction. Your partner will be extremely turned on by how confident you are about your appearance and knowledge of your sexual desires.

2. Too much dirty talk

While dirty talk can be extremely hot, too much of it can have the opposite effect. This can be an unexpected turn off especially if your partner is not on the same page as you are when it comes to this type of stimulation. Using some naughty words is always appealing to men. But the amount of dirty talk you use should also be adapted to the type of sexual encounter you are enjoying. For instance, using extreme dirty talk during a vanilla sex scene can turn off your man. Verbal humiliation or name calling during your sexual encounters might not give you the expected outcome. You can figure out the level of dirty talk to turn on both of you by trying to use various words during different sexual encounters. It might take some time but it’s worth the investment if you want to have a satisfying sexual life with your loved one.

3. Too much lube

Lube can be a great asset to any sexual encounter, regardless of the type of penetration you are going for. But some men tend to like the friction between bodies a lot more than the slippery sensation caused by too much artificial lubricant. If you reduce the friction by adding more than one or two drops of lube you will also lessen the sexual pleasure generated by natural penetration. As convenient as lube can be, nothing can be better than a natural lubricant to facilitate sexual penetration. So, help him discover natural ways to get you soaking wet and use it instead. But if you insist on using lube, don’t overdo it by covering his penis in cherry flavored lube or else you will kill the entire feeling of penetration which both of you should enjoy during a sex scene. It is also best to choose a lubricant you both like and remember you can always add more later on.

You can avoid turning off your partner by taking these general rules into consideration. As a result, make your sex life more exciting and enjoyable. Plus, try not to let your man see you getting ready for a hot sex scene. You should know most men will not be turned on at all if they see you doing your nails, hair or while you are putting on make-up. However, they do tend to appreciate the final product very much!

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