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3 Things to Do to His Balls During Oral Sex

It is no secret your man likes oral sex. He can even reach an intense orgasm from such an exciting stimulation. But it is not always about the penis when it comes to giving him the pleasure of his life. The genitalia area of a man is more complex. A big part of his sexual pleasure and satisfaction is also based on the way you stimulate his balls. Hence, great oral sex requires paying attention to the entire package. So, don’t just stimulate his penis or balls, instead try to excite them together. They don’t call it a “job” for nothing. It will take some time to master all the techniques to make him loose his mind when you are getting down on him. But as complex as this might sound the following ideas will help you a lot and save you from exploring the blowjob field on your own.

1. Touch them

If you want to make him reach an orgasm, playing with his balls might be the key to your success! If your guy is extremely open and communicative with you then he might tell you straightforward he likes it when you touch his balls during oral sex. But if he is shy about it well you might have to figure it out on your own. Sucking his penis and using your hands to gently touch his balls at the same time can make for an incredible experience for both of you. Just try to be careful and don’t squeeze his balls too much from the beginning. A man’s balls are very sensitive especially when he is aroused. Indeed, a fine line exists between pleasure and pain when you are playing with his entire package. Follow his reactions and direct your hands according to the amount of pleasure he shows during oral sex.

2. Suck them

Even if your mouth is busy with his penis, take a break every now and then to suck his balls. While you suck his balls, one at a time, you can give him an exciting hand job or gently run your hand along the inside of his thighs. Make it a point to look into his eyes while doing this. A man can get extremely excited at the sight of your face as you are performing such naughty sexual actions. Whatever you do don’t focus on sucking his balls alone! Be creative and use your imagination to stimulate his entire package. Moreover, try to whisper some dirty talk in-between your moans and slurping. Don’t be afraid of being too slutty or dirty during these complex sessions of oral sex!

3. Try Balls bondage

If the two of you are into BDSM fetishes and fantasies then you have probably heard of balls bondage before. All you need for such a sexual encounter is a rope to tie his balls with. But you can also use other bondage sex toys and accessories such as handcuffs, restraint systems or body harnesses to keep him right where you want him. If your man is the submissive type he will love any bondage style involving his balls. Plus, combining it with oral sex creates the perfect balance between pleasure and pain. Any submissive man would surely enjoy it. You can also add a butt plug or prostate stimulator to the oral sex session to increase his pleasure and give him multiple stimulation sensations. It is a fact men tend to be more erect for longer periods of time if they are engaged in some form of anal play as well. However, this is a secret many women don’t know about so they never explore it. Be sure to have a conversation with him beforehand to make sure he’s into this kind of sexual play so both of you can have the pleasure and satisfaction you are aiming for.

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