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3 Tips to Overcome Low Libido When Breastfeeding

Becoming a parent comes with a lot of changes on your body and also on your regular sex life with your partner. Besides the fact that your attention will be mainly on your children, your body will also need to adapt to its new status, that of a mother. Some of these major changes will take place in your breasts, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Based on testimonies, the effects of breastfeeding on a woman’s sex drive are contrasting. Some seem to experience an increase in libido while others suffer from lack of sexual interest. If you experience less passion and sexual energy during your breastfeeding months, you should be reassured that you are not alone, many women struggle with the same problem.

A low libido while you are breastfeeding doesn’t mean that there is no hope for your sex life. Here are some useful tips and tricks that you can use during this phase to spice up your sex life.

1. Try out new sex toys and accessories

Since your sex life might have to suffer during the breastfeeding phase, you and your lover might need to spice things up in the bedroom. Find the passion that was lost between the two of you. It is fairly simple to do that by using some exciting sex toys and accessories.

Try adding a butt plug to your sexual encounters and see how you and your lover like anal games. If you discover that you are into these types of sex games, you can develop complex and exciting sex scenes together in order to rediscover the passion you are longing for. Also, try adding as many sex toys as you want including electro stimulating devices and even different paddles and whips. These toys will be extremely useful if you are into BDSM sexual fetishes and fantasies and are willing to experience new sensations during your moments of intimacy. Use your imagination and creative skills to discover new ways to please each other and increase the level of intimacy between you and your partner.

2. Get into breast bondage

Breast bondage is a great fetish to explore with your lover especially if you are curious to experience new sensations in the bedroom. A woman’s breasts are very sensitive during pregnancy and they remain like that even after she becomes a mother especially if she is breastfeeding. All you need to do is to try some quality bondage, some rope and a little knowledge in the matters of such sexual practices. A breast bondage scene can get as complex as you want. You can use this type of bondage as part of your foreplay, which might be a great idea especially if you are a beginner in the matter. Set up a safe word before diving into such a bondage scene because it will be very useful in case things don’t go as planned.

3. Have date nights

Often than not, a low libido is also due to a busy schedule, which is a common problem associated with parenting and breastfeeding. Find a babysitter; create a breast milk stash so your free time will be completely free. Set up date nights in order to make sure that you have intimate moments with your lover. One date night every week can make miracles for your relationship and it can be very beneficial for your sex life as well. It will also prevent the loss of passion in the bedroom. Try to relax and enjoy each other’s company for a couple of hours without letting other worries disturb your intimacy.

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