3 Ways to Keep Your Focus during Sex

Our sexual encounters may be as complex as we want to make them. But if you are not careful they can also become some sort of sexual routine devoid of excitement. Indeed, many couples seem to have a problem focusing on their partner during their sexual encounters or even on the action taking place between the two of them. This can happen when you don’t bring any new elements to the sex scene. Hence, your encounter falls into a sexual routine. The lack of curiosity and stimulation during your sexual encounters can dull your experiences thus making it boring for one or both of you. While it is normal to mix our sexual encounters with our deepest fantasies, it is not desirable to lose the emotional contact you have with your lover during sex scenes. The biggest part of sexual stimulation relies on the connection existing between you and your partner. If you struggle with staying focused on your lover during your sexual encounters because of all your other thoughts or fantasies, here are some things you can do to bring your attention back on your partner.

1. Enjoy each form of sexual stimulation

Sexual stimulation should be so intense you can’t think of anything else than your pleasure. In this case, your partner is your main source of pleasure. But what if you find it hard to focus because your mind is going to different places or even other people? The answer is not to control your mind but rather to improve your sexual stimulation for the good of your overall encounter. Add a pair of nipple clamps or a butt plug if it increases your sexual pleasure. Encourage your partner to do the same. The more sex toys and accessories both of you use, the more involved you will feel in the sexual encounter. You can also consider adding a guest to your bedroom to spice things up by having a hot threesome. Such sexual practices and experiences will benefit any couple regardless of their genders or sexual orientations to increase the level of intensity a lot more!

2. Keep your eyes on the prize

It is very easy to lose attention and let your mind wander about things even in the heat of the moment. Your main goal during your sexual encounters is to reach an intense orgasm and achieve a high level of satisfaction. These are what you should focus on during your most intimate moments with your partner. Paying attention to your sexual satisfaction will make you more responsive to every sexually stimulating action leading you up to it. Moreover, you become more involved in the action taking place between you and your partner. It also helps to imagine the type of pleasure you will experience during an orgasm and find new ways to reach it by engaging your imagination and creative skills in the process!

3. Make eye contact with your lover

Eye contact is important but more so during your sexual encounters! It doesn’t mean you have to look at your lover all the time. Just make sure the two of you look at each other every now and then in particular during moments of passionate kissing. It will increase your sexual pleasure as well as the sexual energy flowing between the two of you. When you look at your lover, you will find it hard to lose concentration or let the daily worries enter your mind. You will also feel more connected to them and have a better awareness of your own sexuality during the intense sex scene the two of you are sharing.

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