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5 Sex Drive Killers That You Should Avoid

Nothing is worse than telling him no when he’s feeling frisky. Except maybe for wanting to feel frisky and you can’t seem to find it in you.

While men don’t understand this, losing our sex drive can be harmful to women as well. We feel like we are somehow less than appealing. It also makes us worry that he will steer his attention somewhere else. And personally, when I find myself lacking the libido to have a healthy sex life; I notice I also become super bitch to everyone that tries to interact with me.

Face it, sex is necessary in life.

But sometimes we have things in our life that are causing our lack of desire. There are certain items or situations that will completely remove any particular longing for sex that we naturally have. The most obvious is relationship issues. But let’s say that your relationship is fine. What could be causing your sex drive to go on vacation?

  1. Stress

Stress in your life is the number one cause of women lacking the capability to follow through on sex. Unlike men, for women sexual activity is a seriously emotional thing. So when our life is out of control, we lack the emotion necessary to feel the desire.

This doesn’t always mean that it involves your partner. Work problems, family problems, friend problems and even just standard money problems can wreak havoc inside the bedroom.

What can you do about it? Try and relax. Understand that you can’t solve everything. If stress is getting the best of you, tell him. Ask for a massage and cuddling. See if the relaxation brings about your interest.

  1. Diet and Exercise

It’s no secret that what we eat and how much we move affects how we feel. The same is true sexually. Those who eat a more natural and healthy diet and get up and move regularly will find that they have a higher desire for sex.

How can you solve this problem? Simple. Limit your caffeine, sugar, carbs and processed food. Eat light and healthy meals. And keep moving. Go for a walk. Take a dance class. Anything that keeps your body strong and active.

  1. Birth Control

It’s one of those catch 22’s that are so common. You take birth control so you can have sex without worrying. The birth control eliminates your desire for sex. That’s the way the cookie sometimes crumbles.

If you notice your libido dying slowly on birth control, talk with your doctor. Maybe an alternative would be better for you. It’s also possible that you will simply need a dosage change.

  1. Prescriptions/Illnesses

It’s just a known fact that some kind of illnesses and many kinds of medications will hinder your sex life. The good news is that almost all of them are short lived. Antidepressants, however, can crash the libido and generally those are more long term.

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot you can do to stop illness once it has started. You simply have to let it run its course. The medication is much the same. If it is to treat a virus or illness, finish the prescription and you should feel better. If it’s something long term then talk with your doctor about the side effects. Chances are you can try something else.

  1. Alcohol/Drugs

We drink and do recreational drugs to have a good time. Then they ruin our real good time. Sometimes alcohol and drugs will completely kill a sex drive. Sometimes they enhance it. The best way to find out is through experience. But honestly, if you want some quality frisky time with your partner, your best bet is to skip both and just enjoy yourself.

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