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Must Try Oral Sex Tricks to Blow Him Away

Okay before we dive into all of the cool things you can do during oral sex that will put a lasting smile on his face, let's just say what no one else is willing to say.

You don't need any tricks.

Yes, I said it. All you need is your mouth near his penis and you are good to go. Men love oral sex and love women that enjoying giving it even more. So even if you aren't skilled at a variety of techniques, he's going to love you for what you do know.

But some of us like to step it up a notch. We like to find the thing that will blow him away. Pun intended. We want the magical knowledge that will set us apart from women in the past and potential future ones. And that's why I'm here.

I'm going to share a few tricks with you that are guaranteed to turn him to putty for you. When you try these out on your man, the results will be amazing.

1. No Hands

You will read article after article saying to use both hands and mouth. Yes, you can do that and produce a variety of sensations. But some guys find it entirely too sexy for you to skip the hands altogether. For them, the vision of you using only your mouth to satisfy them is too appealing. So give it a go. If you are accustomed to using hands it will take some work. If you notice he likes it more than keep going. If not, feel free to do what is comfortable for you.

2. Ice

Suck on a piece of ice in the moments before you slip down on him. He will feel the coolness that is in your mouth and it will enhance his pleasure. You typically do not want to rub ice along his penis, but placing it inside your mouth as it cools will do a lot that you never expected it to do. There are some mints that will work the same way. Just give it all a try and see what it is that you like.

3. Be into it

There is nothing more attractive to a guy than a girl doing something he loves and she loves it just as much. For that reason you will want to make sure that your reactions, movements, sounds and words insinuate that you are just as into this act as he is.

4. Teasing

Men are not much different than women. They likes to be teased and toyed with just as often. For this reason you want to build the anticipation and drag out the act. Run your tongue along the tip and underside of the penis. Touch and play with his penis, balls and other areas of the genitals. Find ways to work him up so that he finds even more pleasure in the act of the oral sex.

5. Noise

Sounds silly to say it that way, but it is a fact. Men like women that make noise. It makes them feel good that someone wants them badly enough to moan or scream. The more noise you make, the more he thinks you are enjoying yourself. Which is most likely true. But the more he thinks you like it, the more he actually will like it. Not only that, but the noise creates a vibration that feels amazing when it hits the penis. So make sure you do or say something that will give him the answers that he needs.

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