Best Sex Positions for Heavier Men

A problem most heavier men tend to have is when their partner complains they are too heavy for most of the sexual positions out there. While it is a natural concern and common issue, the truth is you can make some adjustments so you can continue to enjoy sex. Being bigger or having a bigger partner doesn’t mean you need to forego sex forever. Remember all human beings have the right to a healthy, pleasurable and fun sex life! So let’s revisit some positions you can try even if one partner weighs significantly more than the other.

Doggy style: Doggy style is a great position to try when the man is heavier than the woman. The woman should be on a soft and cushioned surface so she can kneel with her back towards her partner’s back. Afterward she will lie down until her chest touches the cushions. Use a pillow beneath her belly for a little more leverage. The man will penetrate her from behind and the good news is this position is great for hitting the elusive g-spot. This position also allows for clitoral action using the hands…this is always a good thing you can ask anyone (or actually any human female wink*)

Standing: Having sex standing up is also a good option for those with heavier partners. Moreover, it is an amazing choice for a quickie when you don’t have a lot of time to prepare the setting. Another good thing about this is the two of you will be able to look into each other’s eyes and you can also stimulate the clitoris. A variation of this position is for the man to support the woman’s weight with his thighs if they happen to be doing this against a wall.

Girl on top: This is a good position for heavier men and it also offers some pretty great visuals. The man lies down on the bed while the woman climbs on top ready to straddle him. In this case, the woman will be in control of the penetration, rhythm and pace. So if she is always complaining about you being too heavy for her or she doesn’t have more in control then you should definitely give this one a try.

Reverse cowgirl: This is a modification of the woman on top position. It starts the same way with the man lying down as the woman gets on top of him. But in this situation, the woman will be looking at her partner’s legs instead of his face. She can kneel or squat and the kick is he will be staring at her back. In the reverse cowgirl the woman can maintain a straight position or can lean forward or backwards depending on what she needs. As for the man, he can keep his legs straight or bend his knees so his feet are planted on the mattress. Once again you have plenty of options to choose from.

On your lap: For this position, you will need to sit at the edge of the bed (or you can also use a chair). Your partner will straddle you by placing each leg on the sides of your body. She will also be in control of the penetration and how far it goes inside her. You can easily stimulate her g-spot in this position. As a bonus, you will be able to make out, kiss each other’s necks, play with their nipples and more while you are facing each other.

Butterfly: The woman lie down at the edge of the bed in this position. You will raise her hips with your hands and place her legs over your shoulders. The idea is for you to move her pelvis slightly upwards to penetrate her. This is the way to go if you are looking for a deep penetration. But keep in mind it can be painful for her if your penis is too big.

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