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Best Sex Positions for Curvy Women

Curvy women have a lot to be thankful for and this also includes sex. Curvy women love sex just as much as anyone. While the topic of thick women and sex is sometimes a bit taboo, the truth is curvy women can do anything their lighter counterparts can, they just need to make some modifications sometimes. What it is would depend on your particular body size and how your partner is built, so a generalization might be impossible. But as a general rule any position can be done, as long as both of you are willing to try it and make the necessary adjustments.

The doggy style is probably the best position for curvy girls. You can ask any curvy woman and chances are, doggy style is her first choice or very close to the top of her list. The typical doggy style has the woman on her hands and knees, preferably over a soft surface, while the man penetrates her from behind. Her partner can even use a dildo for this. You can also try variations of this position.

For instance, you can do the standing doggy style or bend half way over a bed or a couch. This is also helpful if you are working through some body insecurities (as we all do). Bending down will also keep it under control so it does not bounce around. Another way to hide it would be to put some cushions or pillows beneath your belly. Doing so can help give you some leverage and can make things a lot more comfortable for you.

But if you are really flexible then why not try this other variation of the doggy style position. You bend over in half and use your hands to grab your ankles. But you can also place the palm of your hands on the floor while your partner penetrates you from behind.

Yet another good doggy style variation is to place your knees on the bed while your upper body lies flat on the mattress then you lift your pelvis up so your butt is in the air. You can always help yourself a little by placing a pillow or cushion beneath you. Ideally your legs should be far apart while you put most of your weight on your legs and knees. It may sound a bit intimidating but don’t let this put you off from trying it. Remember, all bodies are sexy and your partner will surely be aroused by yours! Oh, and this position is pretty intense, so be prepared for extreme orgasms.

If you are more of a classic gal, then try missionary with some adjustments. Start by putting some pillows or cushions beneath your butt. The idea is for your partner to be able to get on his knees and penetrate you perfectly at a higher position. So, you need to adjust the cushions at a particular height to create an angle is perfect for deep penetration so you will be able to feel everything. He can put your legs over his shoulders or spread your legs while holding your ankles.

The other variation on missionary is to do it with your butt at the edge of the bed. The man will penetrate you while standing up. Once again, he can put your legs over his shoulders or just grab your legs. The view from where he is standing will be spectacular, so imagine seeing from his point of you’re your moving breasts wink*

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