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Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

As humans, we all want to have the best sex of our lives, so we are constantly looking out for some new and fun ways to spice things up. Sex is not only a great way to improve intimacy with your partner, it is also an amazing way to improve your overall health and feel good. Every time you have sex you lower your stress levels, release oxytocin (the feel good hormone), and decrease your blood pressure. So, can you have the best sex of your life?

When you have sex it is important to be mindful about your breathing. Breathing deeply can have amazing effects on your sex life; if you want an intense sexual session with your partner, just try to match those breaths. This will create a sort of intimacy bubble that will make you feel closer to them; just as well, it will make you more aroused and everything will feel more intense. There is a reason why tantric sex puts so much emphasis in this; it will be a very intense and pleasurable experience.

Another thing that can improve your sex life is simply being present. In these modern times it is normal we are always with an electronic device or thinking about our hectic lifestyles. But think about sex as a way to wind down and relax; it is a time reserved for you and your partner. Turn off the television and the computer and mute your phones. This will be the perfect opportunity to create a bond with your partner and improve your intimacy; so don’t waste it by not being 100% present there. You will see the changes right away.

I know people tend to close their eyes when they are having sex, but opening them is more beneficial to your sex life. Just gazing into your partner’s eyes at a close distance will make you have a deeper connection with them and will also produce a calming effect on your brain. If you sleep with your dog or your cat, make sure to take them out of the bedroom because nothing kills the mood faster like a dog jumping in front of you when you are trying to create a connection by looking into each other’s eyes.

And if you mix the gazing at each other’s eyes with the synchronized breathing you can basically create a session of tantric sex. It seems like something simple, but you’d be surprised with the results these little things can bring.

Just as well, make sure your bedroom is a place where you can be intimate and relaxed, that means leaving all worries behind the door. Your bedroom should be treated like a sanctuary, so don’t respond to work emails on your bed or even work there. With time you will begin to see the changes because your body will learn this is a place of sensuality and not a place to be active or concerned with your work or other elements of your daily life.

If you want to make it special then your time and plan something romantic like a dinner at candlelight or having a bubble bath together. These are not things you will do every day because you know, real life, but when you have the opportunity to be a little more elaborate then don’t waste it. Having some extra time to caress your partner and maybe play with a little toy can make the difference between good sex and mind-blowing sex.

And don’t be afraid or self-conscious about being vocal about what you want or are feeling. If something feels amazing, let your partner what they are doing it is amazing. Your partner will appreciate it just as you appreciate them telling you what you are doing is amazing.

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