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Lust in the Office

We live in a world that requires us to spend many hours a day at the office, in case we have this kind of job and we need to provide for ourselves and our family. But you can make those hours a lot better if you have the right toys with you to give yourself a pleasant break every now and then. And if you are one of the lucky people that have an office affair with one of your hot co-workers, well, then it is even more important to have some hot accessories in one of your drawers. So, let’s look at how you can enjoy some lusty moments during your long hours of work at the office!

1. Have an office toy box

You probably have an entire sexual arsenal at home, in your bedroom always ready to enjoy it with your partner or partners during your free time. But, how about you have one of those toy boxes at the office as well? It doesn’t have to be a very elaborate one. You can keep it basic and useful and put functionality on top of everything else. Especially because at the office you will probably need to reach some sexual satisfaction fast, you need just the right toys to help you with this. A successful office toy box should always contain your favourite dildo or vibrator, a condom just in case the right occasion comes up, some cuffs and rope or tape if you are into bondage games, and a paddle or whip. Of course, you can include any extra toys and accessories that you might find useful according to your sexual preferences. Some nipple clamps that you can wear underneath your clothes to keep you horny while you are at work can be a very hot and kinky idea!

2. Take breaks while you are at work

There is no point in having an office toy box if you don’t make the time to use it. And the only way to enjoy some intimate moments at work is to take the breaks that you need. Make sure you don’t take too many breaks though because you don’t want your boss or co-workers to be bothered by your lack of collaboration when it comes to your duties. But make sure you do have at least one break a day to enjoy your toys and disconnect from all the office issues.

3. Learn to enjoy the excitement of getting caught

Having some sexual pleasure at work is not just a physical necessity but also a hot and kinky fetish! Most people indulge in sexual practices in places where they shouldn’t do that because they have a fetish for getting caught in the middle of it. This fetish doesn’t imply any desire of getting caught, just a desire to experience the fear and excitement while you consider that this possibility exists. And if you are thinking that at any point, someone can get in your office and see you masturbating and reaching a climax, this might actually make you so much more excited!

Sexual practices that take place at your office are very intense and usually short, because you don’t have enough time to indulge into an elaborated sexual scene. You can give yourself some sexual satisfaction during your lunch break or some self-quickies when you are between tasks and your main concern will always be to not get caught, as much as this thought might turn you on. With this being said, when you put together your sex toys and accessories for your office box, you need to get those that work for you and not against you. Your sex toys will help you reach an orgasm faster and be more efficient after that. Also, make sure to take toys that are of small or medium sizes because you need to put them in a discreet place and not drag attention over them! If someone finds your toy box is similar to finding you in the middle of using them!

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