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Hot Sex Positions for Amazing Orgasms

When it comes to sex, there are so many positions out there that you can try. And perhaps more importantly, there is always a position (or two) that is perfect for your particular situation. When I talk about situation, I mean any kind of challenges you or your partner may encounter when you have sex. Alternately, the situation could be simply something that you want; it doesn’t have to be a problem. But anyway, I am going to stop talking now so we can get to the good part. Wink*

Let her be on top

For those women who don’t feel as comfortable as they would want to when they are having sex, the solution could be as easy as trying positions with her on top, like cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. These positions are great because they will allow her to take control and guide the whole thing, elements that can really build up her confidence. There is a lot of variation of the woman on top position, it can be laying down, sitting, kneeling, squatting, facing forward, backward and even sideways!

Similarly, for women who experience pain during sex (there are a lot of medical causes for this, so make sure to check the root of the problem with a doctor) there can also be a solution for it. One, you will need some extra lubrication at all times to make things easier and second, it is best if she is in control of the situation. That is why, you guessed it, woman on top and its infinite variations are good for her. She will be able to mandate how deep he goes and stop at any second she feels pain.

Shallow penetration

    If your partner is quite sensitive and easily gets hurt during sex, you will need positions with a shallow penetration. For example, he can lay down his side while she settles perpendicular to him, she should put her legs over his body. In this position she will be able to grab onto the base of his penis, this will work great to limit his movements. Another good thing is that, she will be able to rock back and forth on her partner’s member. You basically want positions that will allow her to control how much of his penis gets inside her because you never want to hurt the cervix.

    Let him last long

      For those who want sex to last longer because the man has either trouble with premature ejaculation or simply doesn’t last long, the answer is here. Missionary position is a good choice because it will allow him to stop easily before he comes. The key here is for him to take his time when things get too much. A good twist on that position is for the woman to wrap her legs around the man’s shoulders. The penetration will be very deep, and he will probably be able to last a bit longer because of it.

      Minimize slipping

        When it comes to men on the other side of the spectrum there are also positions that can get the most out of what he has. You want to get positions where the woman is on top so that the woman can gyrate on the penis instead of moving upwards and downwards. This can be a satisfactory solution if he constantly slips out during sex. Another good one is missionary with her legs over his shoulders because he will be able to get very deep.

        Finally, if what you want is to get the most out of her pleasure, you will need to try some coital alignment. It is a twist on the missionary, the man will move a bit forward so that his shoulders go past hers. If he does it right, your pelvis will be grinding against each other so that there is clitoral stimulation, thus making orgasms galore easier.

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