Best Sex Tips for Women!

Women tend to be very confident in bed because they trust their sexuality, but they also know how to make it better along the years. But even the most confident ones can use some tips and tricks when it comes to developing their sex life. The market is adjusting to new sexual fetishes and fantasies every year and it is important to keep up with the latest updates and there are several areas for women to explore. If you stay up to date with the latest sex toys and accessories, your partner will just have to appreciate it and enjoy the ride. So, here are some tips and tricks that will help you impress your lover every time you want. These can be applied to all kind of couples from heterosexual to the entire LGBT community. And it gets just as good regardless to the type of relationship you’re in.

1. Own your sexuality

Owning your sexuality is something you develop in years of sexual experience. It means that you are in touch with your fetishes and fantasies and you are not afraid of sharing them with your partner or even with your friends. Owning your sexuality will also give you a level of confidence that will appear during your sexual encounters. For example, if you are into BDSM, you should not be afraid or ashamed to share it with your lover. Sex is the only aspect of your life where there is no place for judgements as well as there is no right and wrong. Plus, your partner can very well discover that ropes and handcuffs might become their favourite sex toys too!

2. Don’t be afraid to try new experiences!

Do you know why your partner might be tempted to cheat on you? Because you are afraid to try new experiences! Men and women equally are curious by nature and they will not be stuck in the missionary style because you like it so much. However, while no one recommends to go from Vanilla Sex to Bondage in a heartbeat. You can still be open to your partner’s naughty suggestions. Besides, you really don’t know what you like unless you try it a few times with an open mind. Who knows, maybe it will become your main fantasy to be that sissy that your lover always wanted you to be! This involves trying new toys such as nipple clamps, orgasm belts or anal plugs. You can also give edge play a try if you are into more hardcore kind of pleasures. Your partner will be more than happy to lead you into the kinky world of their fantasies and your relationship will be a happy and healthy one for many years.

3. Learn to seduce your lover!

You might be as open minded and sexually curious as you can, but if you’re not seducing your lover, it’s not going to take you anywhere. All the sexual energy would be wasted if you don’t have the courage to initiate some action. Your partner is not able to read your mind and magically imagine that you would like some sexual intercourse. So giving them signs of how excited you are is always a good idea. You can do this by wearing a sexy outfit and use your best qualities to lure your partner into the world of your sexual desires. Make sure you have your sex toys and accessories handy and set up the right atmosphere for an incredible sexual encounter. You can even give them a session of strip tease and work your way up from there. Basically, seduction is done during foreplay but it can also continue during the most intense moments of your sexual encounter. Kiss your partner and even use some kinky words to keep them turned on. Of course seduction is a two way street, so make sure you read the body language of your lover and adjust your actions accordingly.

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