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Key Secrets to Enchanting a Man

Being a woman is a great thing (except for maybe for three days of the month wink*) and one very good thing is our ability to completely enchant a man. Making men kneel wantonly in front of you may seem like a fantasy, but you have the power to do it if you wish so. There are some key secrets that you need to learn and be aware of. Once you do, you will be able to charm any man you want to.

The number one thing that attracts men right away is confidence. You need to own you and your overall health and sexuality and everything. With confidence, you will also be able to draw men in. You can showcase your self-esteem in many ways: how you dress, your attitude, your body language and the way you speak. Work on increasing your confidence and watch how everything in your life improves, including your charisma with men.

When you need a “little pick me up,” don’t be afraid to give yourself a little pep talk. Sometimes all you need to do is to remind yourself that you are awesome and you can do anything if you set your mind to it. You can also try looking into a mirror before flirting with a guy. Say some reassuring things to yourself. Take a moment alone and say out loud, “I am sexy, and any guy would be lucky to have me.” When you come out, you will bring out those assertive vibes and every guy will be allured right away.

If you are somewhere public, like a bar or the bus, and you see a guy you’d like to talk to, yet, you don’t want to make the first move, call his attention subtly. The first thing you need to do is create some eye contact, so he can notice you. When he does, smile coyly for two seconds and then look away. This will send him the message that you are interested in him. If he is allured by you, it is more likely that he will approach you right away.

When you are flirting and talking with a guy, keep in mind that men love someone who strokes his ego. He will need to feel as if he were the only guy in the world, so be very interested in the things he says, compliment him. Ask him follow up questions and listen attentively. If he seems passionate about a subject, push him to talk more about it; who doesn’t love talking about the things they love? For instance, he says he loves a certain movie, ask him how he came to love it so much, what attracts him to it and what else does he love to do. If he mentions he likes to cook, ask him how he learned it and his favorite dishes. Thus, you know what to do with these kinds of scenarios.

Usually, men love it when a woman flirts and touches him; your advances will not go unnoticed. Make sure to create that connection when you are talking to him, so nudge his shoulder often or tap his legs or arms when you are deep in conversation. Use those touches to make a point when you are talking so it will look natural, just don’t overdo so!

Last but not the least, I should leave you with a forthright final strategy. If you have been talking for a while and your senses tell you he is not drawn to you, it is best to leave and find someone else. Simply say something like, “I should go, I’m supposed to meet another friend, nice meeting you.”

Hold your head high girl!

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