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Top 3 Sex Toys to Turn On Your Partner

Foreplay is an important part of your sexual encounters. Sometimes it can even be the key for you and your partner to experience an intense and exciting sex scene. If you plan to ignore foreplay, think again. Doing so has the potential to damage not only your sex life but your entire relationship. Foreplay is great because it can empower the sexual energy between the two of you. It can also help establish a healthy and balanced level of intimacy in your relationship. While you can enjoy good foreplay simply by teasing each other sexually, it is always better to enjoy some sex toys and accessories while you are it for a higher level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. So, here are some sex toys you can use to turn on your lover in unique and amazing ways!

1. Sexual stimulators

Some of the most exciting sex toys and accessories are the sexual stimulators such as nipple clamps, vibrators, orgasm belts or even electro stimulating devices. These are great to use during foreplay and sexual stimulation, likewise, when you are enjoying intense sessions of sexual intercourse with your partner. When it comes to turning on your lover, these sex toys are a must to have, especially if you plan to drive them crazy between the sheets! They also add a nice variety to your sex life and allow you to create new fetishes in addition to explore fantasies together. Nipple clamps are great for girls but they are also good for men since they have sensitive nipples as well. However, if you want really intense stimulation then you should have some electro stimulating devices handy. These are guaranteed to turn on your lover and help them reach an intense orgasm even without sexual intercourse. Not to mention, you can use such toys on yourself during your masturbating sessions to increase your level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

2. Bondage accessories

Another way to turn on your lover during foreplay is by using different bondage styles. Bondage games are a big part of the BDSM community but even couples and people who are not BDSM enthusiasts can enjoy a little (or more) bondage every now and then! All you need to enjoy a great bondage style is rope, tape or other similar accessories. Tie your lover in such a way to restrain their body so you have control over their erogenous zones and the foreplay. You can use this sex game during intercourse but it is more efficient during foreplay when you want to increase the sexual energy between the two of you. Bondage games also give you a new level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction, especially if you are the dominant type and like to be in control.

3. Impact play

Impact play is a great way to get things going in the bedroom even if you are a beginner at it. If you are a beginner when it comes to impact play, you might want to start by using a paddle to get into the excitement of the game. You can achieve intense satisfaction by using different types of paddles to spank your lover with during foreplay. While you can use your bare hands to do this, it is better with a fancy paddle! You can also use a flogger or whip to indulge in such a sex game with your lover to make sure both of you enjoy such sexual practices and make the most out of it. You can also increase the intensity of the game with more complex sex toys and accessories at the same time considering your lover’s preferences.

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