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Extreme Male Oral Sex Training Ideas

My oh my! But what a big tongue you have

A long tongue, what is it good for? Well I could think about numerous things that could be enhanced if doing with a long tongue. In fact, having a guy with a long tongue perform oral sex on them is one of the most common fantasies for women. A long tongue maybe does help a little, but if you ask me, I would personally say it's more about technique than actual length (same as other parts of the male anatomy, wink*) Still, some of my girlfriends say there can really be a difference, so maybe I haven't had the pleasure of having an encounter with a long tongue fella (are they a reclusive species? Haha wink*) So, even though some men are naturally blessed by genetics in that department, some others have not. And those who have not blessed with this trait seek some techniques to lengthen it.

If you do a little research, you will find that history and yoga have proven to genuinely lengthen and enflame that member. The method used is "milking", kind of like pumping with a vacuum. Still confused? This means the tongue is held, kneaded and massaged. Then, they use a cloth to hold it in place. This is done before pulling and twisting the member for a few minutes. This procedure has to be done several times and hopefully, after some time, you will have achieved an enlarged and lengthened tongue. It's not clear what the science is behind this and given this method was originated by yoga techniques, western medicine and the western world might not be so eager to jump into this particular bandwagon. Still, if you are willing to give this a go (brave!) or simply want to know more (I won't ask why, wink*), you can look into Khechari Mudra and Jivhanirlekhan yogi methods.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the most common method used is the cutting of the frenulum or frenectomy. The frenum is a little piece of tissue or muscle that connects the lips, cheek or tongue to the jawbone. The lingual frenectomy removes the little piece of tissue that is located under the tongue. A dentist (its not an invasive surgery, yay!) performs the surgery with a laser or a scalpel; the laser usually minimizes the bleeding and the postoperative pain, and also the need for sutures. If the surgery is performed with a scalpel, sutures will have to be used. People who get the procedure done with a laser have to stand still during the process; local anesthesia with or without nitrous oxide is of commonplace use. This is also a very short surgery, its usually done in 10 or 15 minutes. It can take several weeks for the frenectomy to heal completely. Patients usually rinse with salt water to keep it clean and brush carefully around the area. If stitches were used, it is often necessary to return to the dentist to get them removed, if not, they will dissolve on their own. If the desired results are not achieved, the surgery can be repeated. It is actually quite common to redo a lingual frenectomy, so this is something you should keep in mind if you want to try the operation. And remember, even if this is not an invasive surgery, like any other procedure, there is some risk of bleeding. The tongue has many blood vessels and lingual frenectomies have a higher chance of resulting in bleeding, although complications from this are uncommon.

Now, it should be said this procedure does not lengthen the tongue per se, what it does is increase the mobility of the member by getting rid of the frenulum, or the "tongue tied" effect, thus creating the illusion and the functioning of a lengthened tongue. Now, as a warning or small letter part at the end of the page, not everyone who undergoes this procedure achieves the coveted lengthen of the member. But there are some good news: more radical procedures can be done by cutting the muscle under the tongue to further enhance the effect.

Those procedures are actually on the rise, a lot of men in the initial stages of chastity training and identity reframing get them done to increase their oral efficiency. If you feel your sex life can be improved with some of these techniques, by all means, go ahead and do them. You know my take on things: if it's going to make things more pleasurable and happy, jump right in, wink*.

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