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Properly Edging Yourself to an Intense Climax

Edging is a great practice to achieve better and more powerful orgasms. If you have trouble achieving orgasms, edging can be a great way to help things out a little. This practice consists of holding out your orgasm to start arousal all over again and then get close to orgasm again. You can do this as much as you want; usually the longer and the more you hold out, the orgasm will be more powerful.

If you are interested in trying it, I can advise you to first try it out on your own, even if you are planning to enjoy it with a partner. It’s best to do it alone the first few times so you can really see what this is all about. You will try it with company later! Wink*.

Take some time in your schedule and relax. Start to think about something that turns you on or watch some porn or take a hot bath…whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable and aroused. Begin to touch and caress your body; your nipples, stomach, inner thighs. Focus on your pubic mound, labia and clitoris; you can help things along with some lubrication.

When you have been pleasuring yourself for a while, your arousal will speed up. You need to be careful about that point where you know you will just be about to orgasm; the point of edging is to hold back that orgasm to start over again. Picture it as some sort of chart: when the line is approaching orgasm, you will need to dial back on the arousal levels. The key for you will be to correctly identify where that point is so you can step back and not go right through it.

So, when you feel you are on that point, stop the stimulation. Relax your body and take deep breaths; try to focus your energy on something else. You can touch other parts of your body or simply take a break from it all to lower the intensity.

When you’ve calmed down, start stimulating again. Build that pleasure one more time and once again, stop when you are getting to that point of no return. Relax again and calm down. The idea is for you to do this at least 20 minutes, but if you have more time, aim for 1 whole hour. You will get closer and closer to the edge of the orgasm.

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