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Best Ways to Practice Edging To The Point of No Return

When you are practicing edging, you want to stop just before you orgasm. And that line between “I’m just about to climax no matter what happens” and “I can stop and be fine”, can be quite thin. And that is what we call the Point of no Return (with capitals so it can sound important)

The first signs you are achieving that point are the vaginal contractions that come (no pun intended) before an orgasm. Your body also releases hormones; chemicals that make you feel happy and elated, obviously. But sometimes these hormones can also cause mood swings in our minds. Studies have shown this is even more pronounced after an intense clitoral orgasm.

So when you orgasm you will basically peak. And this peak can bring you some not desired side effects. That is why is so important to never go over that point of no return when you are edging. And in order to don’t go over that point, you need to know exactly where that is. Keep in mind edging won’t work if you go right pass it and orgasm, the idea is to stop right before or edge towards orgasm.

Identifying your point can be somewhat hard, especially at first. I mean, is not like there is a green neon sign saying, “hey! Be careful, it’s here.” So you need to experiment and tune in with your body not know what that point of no return feels like for you.

Some sensations to make it easier for you to know are listed bellow. Take your time exploring and playing with your clitoris and be aware of any of these signs (that sounds more ominous that I intended. It’s the opposite of morbid, I promise wink*)

  • It seems all your energy and sensations are focused on the genitals.
  • Your pleasure is increasing incredibly fast.
  • You want to “push down and out” your vaginal muscles.
  • You tense all your body.
  • You feel like you just need to come.

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