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The Best and Funniest Compliments to Turn On a Man

As a rule, all men love receiving compliments, it is a known fact *wink* But usually we tend to give them the same compliments over and over again (‘You are so cute!’ or ‘I find you so attractive’) And yes, they are not complaining but you should definitely expand towards something more. If you pay him a flirty and funny compliment you won’t only win his heart (and other regions) but his brain as well, I mean, who doesn’t like to laugh?

Compliments are more or less the same and it doesn’t matter if you are complimenting a woman or a man. But there can be a little dissonance between what you think men what to hear and what you are really saying. Sometimes it can be hard to communicate what you actually want to communicate and for them to understand what you are trying to say.

Yes, let’s face it. Every man likes to hear they are sexy, incredibly strong and really sexy, etc. But you can pay them other compliments to make them feel something more than just attractive. This will not only make them feel good, but it will put a smile on their face. Not to mention, you will leave a lasting impression on him and it’s all good, right? *wink*

Usually men tend to relate more to funny comments instead of ‘I find you really handsome.’ This is why being funny can be the best approach here: you want to surprise them in an unexpected but fun way. You will get to see his beautiful smile to drive you crazy. So I am here to give you some ideas for funny and flirty comments to throw in their way.

  • ‘So I was really thinking about it and I came to the conclusion you could easily be a porn star.’ This is funny because it comes out of the blue…and chances are no one has said it to him before. It is implies how sexy you find him.
  • ‘Do you know you are really hot? In fact, I think I could bake a cake on top of you!’ It may sound silly, but it is a spin on something he may have heard a million times before. Remember: you want to make a lasting impression on him.
  • Smell him and say: ‘Mmm, you smell so good. If I could, I would totally make a candle out of you!’ I swear this one is not as creepy as it sounds! If you do it in the right moment, like after some sexy fun time for instance, he will be utterly delighted and will laugh at your little comment.
  • If you want to take out the big ammo, you can always say something like: ‘I actually feel bad for the people who are in the same room as you. Compared to everyone else, you have the face of a god, poor everyone else.’ This super sweet comment will make him smile and maybe even melt? *wink*
  • To lighten the mood, you can say ‘I consider you to be sweatpants in human form because I am extremely comfortable with you and could spend all day in them.’ This is a really funny one because he probably doesn’t know where you are going with it.
  • ‘I just want to let you know, between you and chocolate, I would choose you. That is how much you mean to me’
  • If you are always using him around to open jars and stuff, try ‘I don’t know how I would get to open those jars without those big muscles of yours. You and I both know how much I love ____ (insert name of jar contents)
  • Another good compliment is mentioning how hot he is: ‘Next time you see your mom, do me a favor and high five her for me. She made an incredibly sexy human being.’
  • ‘Keep in mind; if I didn’t know you, I would totally want to!’

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