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Ways to Make Sure You will Get Laid Tonight

If you are planning to have an intense sexual encounter tonight, you have to consider that is not all up to you, unless you are planning to masturbate. You might need to lead your partner toward the same goal if they are not orientated in that direction already. And preparing for an intense sex scene starts way before the foreplay! As a matter of fact, a good sexual encounter starts when you wake up and you will build it up for the entire day, strategically. If you are not sure how to do that, these tips and tricks will assure you to have the sex scene of your dreams as soon as you meet your lover in the intimacy of your bedroom!

1. Sexting

When you are away from your lover, you might find it hard to stimulate them but that is not always the case, especially if you have a great imagination and a phone or computer to communicate with your partner. Technology offers many options nowadays and you can use them all throughout your day to give your lover a flavor of what is waiting for them at home. Use naughty words and describe what you want to do to them as soon as you get the occasion. Add some sexy photos to the conversation and play along with their replies. While you don’t have to send them a message every five minutes, a couple of times a day will make sure to keep their eyes on the prize and sparkle their imagination for what it is to come in the evening. This will make your partner look forward to your sexual encounter just as much as you do!

2. Get a sexy outfit ready

Wearing a sexy outfit will always stimulate your partner visually and that can be half of the task that you need to do when you are aiming for an intense sex scene. Even if they didn’t have that in their plan, when they see you wearing a sexy lingerie or a hot latex skirt, they will get in the mood almost instantly. And if you are planning for a certain type of roleplay, you can pick from a wide variety of costumes to match the theme that you want to set up. Use your creative skills to set up an unforgettable sexual encounter and surprise your partner in such a way that they will not be able to refuse you. The most important aspect when you are planning for such an amazing sexual encounter is the atmosphere and the way you prepare yourself. With the right atmosphere and the right outfit, there is no way you will miss the occasion of getting laid so make sure to pay attention to details and wait for your partner in the middle of your bedroom, all ready for some intense orgasms to experience together.

3. Have sex toys and accessories handy

And since we are talking about amazing sexual encounters, you can put at use all your sexual arsenal to impress your lover and make sure they have no way out! Maybe not all of it, but there are plenty of sex toys and accessories that you can use to lure them into your fantasy world. Try wearing a butt plug with a furry tail attached or a pair of nipple clamps to give away some of your intentions right from the moment your lover lays their eyes on your sexy body! You can find a variety of sex toys and accessories to use during any type of sex scene that you want to engage in, and the more realistic you make it for your lover, the more chances you will have to reach an intense orgasm with them. Make sure to take into consideration their sexual fantasies and fetishes while you are planning for such an experience so that they will be just as turned on as you are!

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