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What Not to Do during Oral Sex - Golden Rules

Oral sex can be extremely intense, for both men and women but it can also be extremely sensitive especially when you are a beginner in the matter. There are plenty of mistakes to be done during such a sexual encounter and also many risks to be taken, no matter how much turn on you find in such a practice. But there are some simple tips that you can follow, regardless to your gender or sexual orientation, when you want to perform a successful oral sex on your partner. In many cases, a great oral sex can end up in an intense orgasm, so this is something that you have to be ready for when you engage in such an amazing sexual adventure. So, let’s see what are the most common things that you should definitely avoid during oral sex and also, how to make it even more exciting than your partner expects it to be!

1. Never bite

This goes equally for men and women. If you perform oral sex on your male or female partner, never, absolutely never bite! You can use your teeth to tease your lover, you can also use them to bring them to an edge of passion or to make sure that they feel how sensitive they are and even how vulnerable they are. But using your teeth doesn’t mean biting with them. A man’s penis is extremely sensitive and even more so during such an intense sexual stimulation as blowjob is. Equally, a woman’s vagina and her clitoris in particular, is the most sensitive spot of her body and you definitely not want to bite it during oral sex. Biting it will not only end the sexual excitement and any form of passion that is going on between the two of you, but it might also hurt your lover and more pain than it is necessary can only cause serious damage. Use your lips, your tongue and also your hands to tease them during sexual intercourse but leave your teeth out of this equation for both of your benefits!

2. Don’t just focus on the oral sex

When you are performing oral sex on your lover, you might be tempted to be focused only on their genitalia. While this is the main attention point that you should be concerned about and also the main source of sexual satisfaction for your partner, it is never the only one. Make sure to be creative and add some other forms of sexual stimulation to the game. You can make them wear a butt plug, or a pair of nipple clamps during an intense session of oral sex. You can even set up a bondage scene when you perform such a sexual practice and you don’t have to be into BDSM to do so. There are plenty of couples who play with bondage styles and incorporate them into their sexual encounters without having roles of dominant or submissive during such a sex scene.

3. Add some moans and looks to the game

Stimulation can be successfully completed by your voice and your eyes. You can make sure to make eye contact with your partner during oral sex at least every now and then and show them just how much passion you have in yourself while you go down on them. And if you don’t think this is enough, slide a moan or two as loud as you can to assure them that you are enjoying the sexual encounter just as much as you do. Especially when you feel that they are close to reaching an orgasm, a moan coming from you can be the last straw that makes them engage in an exciting climax. And there is nothing hotter than making your partner orgasm during oral sex! You will feel so excited by it and they will have an incredible experience to thank you for!

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