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When Two Women Share a Man in Bed

Threesomes are extremely hot, and you shouldn’t deny yourself of such an amazing pleasure. There are many forms of threesomes that you can enjoy with two other partners based on a variety of sexual fetishes and fantasies and the orgasms that you will reach during such sex scenes will be so hot that you might even become addicted to them. But one of the most intense forms of threesomes is when a man shares his sexuality with two women. You might think that this is tricky with a penis and two vaginas, but it actually can get very exciting along the way and there is plenty to enjoy for everyone!

1. Double pleasure for the lucky guy

The lucky guy that shares such an experience with two other women will be a spoiled one but so will be the women involved in the sex scene. Not only both girls will jump on pleasing the guy’s penis, but he will enjoy multiple sexual stimulation at the same time. He can wear a butt plug and enjoy a hot blowjob while he is kissing passionately the other girl and play with combinations like that until he is ready to have intercourse with both divas. A great addition to such a sexual encounter is a prostate stimulation that will keep the guy intensively stimulated during foreplay and even during intercourse. This will prolong their erection and that can only be a good thing when there are two women to be equally satisfied.

2. There will be a lot of nipple play

With four nipples to please, there will be many nipple stimulators involved. While the guy can directly play with the girls nipples, they can also wear nipple clamps or use electro stimulating devices and enjoy an intense intercourse while they are also teasing each other. Because having a threesome with two women and a man doesn’t always mean that the girls will both focus on the guy. They will also please each other and share passionate kisses for the excitement of everyone involved. There is nothing hotter for a man than to see two beautiful girls kissing each other and this should definitely be part of the sexual encounter. When one girl is having an intense session of intercourse with the guy, the other can play with her nipples or kiss her in a hot way to increase the satisfaction of the sex scene and also stimulate herself while doing so.

3. Make sure everyone is having an orgasm

When three people get involved in the same sexual encounter, all three of them have to reach an intense level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction and this aspect shouldn’t be neglected. Regardless to the theme that the sex scene has and there can be many of those themes to set up, everyone has to enjoy a final orgasm if not more than that. And if you are trying to please both of your partners, you can’t fail. Pleasing a woman is not complicated but pleasing two can become so, if you don’t get creative and use your imagination. But you have two hands and one can focus on a girl’s breasts while the other one can stimulate the other girl’s genitalia. Add the sex toys and accessories that you find exciting to help you during such a sexual encounter and spice thing sup even more.

If you never had a threesome with two women, you will find these tips very useful and you will enjoy an amazing sexual adventure. Make sure that you know each other before hand even if it is only by having a conversation about what is going to happen. This will help you set up a sexual encounter that will satisfy all of you easier and in a more intense way. And keep an open mind for spontaneous moments that you might be facing during such a sex scene.

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