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3 Ways to Master the Art of the Quickie

Having a hot quickie every now and then can be exciting. But you shouldn’t exchange long hours of making love for just a couple of minutes of pleasure. Then again, as much as you would like to, sometimes you cannot afford to have a full-scale sexual encounter when you want to. Life can get in the way. Thus, quickies can help you get by. Moreover, these can be just as hot if you know what you want in terms of your sexual desires. Once you develop your “quickie” skills, you will be able to enjoy them under a variety of circumstances - from the comfort of your house to public places and even restaurants or parties, as long as you can find a quiet place and have a few minutes to spare! Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you develop a great strategy so you can enjoy this type of sexual experience!

1. Use sex toys and accessories

Sex toys and accessories can make the difference between a regular sex scene and an amazing one. Moreover, they work great when it comes to enjoying a good quickie with your partner. By using sex toys like nipple clamps, butt plugs or vibrators you can increase your sexual stimulation and achieve more intense pleasure and satisfaction. Use your imagination and add as many toys and accessories as you need in order to increase your odds of reaching an intense climax. Trying out electro stimulating devices is also a great idea for your quick sexual encounters. These toys are good for stimulating both of you while giving you time to focus on sexual intercourse and not the foreplay. Remember, a quickie does not give you a lot of time to indulge in complex foreplay. It is helpful to ask your partner about their favorite sex toys and accessories in advance so you can add them to your quickie. As a result, give you the chance to enjoy the sexual experience even more.

2. Dress in an “accessible outfit”

What you wear can have an impact on your plans for a quickie. More often than not, you do not have the time to change clothes or take off what you are wearing when you get into a quickie. Remember to be creative when you put your outfit together. Consider the possibility of a quickie happening, maybe during your lunch break? If you are a woman contemplating on a quickie, then it can help to wear a skirt or dress. The thought of skipping lingerie can apply to men as well. You might consider the idea to make it easy for your lover to access to your intimate areas. While a quickie is spontaneous, it doesn’t mean you cannot see it coming at all. Hence, you can prepare for it even in some small way. You might wear a pair of nipple clamps underneath your blouse to make sure you are already horny for when the hot action starts. You can also try to wear an outfit you know will turn your lover on from the moment they see you. No doubt, your lover will be grateful for whatever preparation you do to make the quickie possible.

3. Add some dirty talk

Dirty talk can help increase the excitement during a quickie. In fact, for some couples a few naughty words can get things going a lot faster than an extended foreplay. Remember to use words you know will turn on your partner. If you lack inspiration then you can always get descriptive and share your feelings with your partner in a kinky and exciting way. Use your imagination and creative skills to combine dirty talk with kinky sex positions!

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