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Elements to Add to Your Bedroom Play to Improve Your Sex Game

As a man of culture, chances are you are probably looking for new tips on how to have better sex. One of the wonderful things about sex is how pleasurable it can be, especially if you are confident your partner is also enjoying themselves. So let’s take a look on some tips to up your game in the bedroom!

One of the main things you should be aware of is to take things slow when performing. We all appreciate a quickie, but most often than not, it’s much better to take your time! There really is no hurry here. You can allow yourself some time to explore your lady, whether with your tongue, lips or fingers; start on her thighs and slowly move forward to her belly and pubic bone. Get close to her genitals, but tease her a little and don’t actually enter her in any form. She’ll go absolutely wild!

When you finally penetrate her, make sure to switch up the movements. One of the things that women enjoy the most is varied stimulation, so change up your thrusting patterns every once in a while. You can do some side-to-side movements when you are in all the way, or you could offer some up and down pressure on her pelvis to really stimulate her clitoris while in action and drive her mad.

And by the way, the suggestion about varying the movements also goes for kissing. Don’t just dart your tongue in and out; this is not a race. It is way more pleasurable if you switch up the motions and pressure applied when you are kissing your partner.

Previously, you may have tried to find the g-spot, taken it for a myth, and given up. But the truth is you just need to know where exactly to look. You can take your thumb to press on it; you want to aim for that vaginal wall, as if you were leaving a thumbprint. It should be about two inches inside the vaginal opening, right in the front. You can thank me later, I accept cash wink*

The clitoris is probably the spot you’ll want to concentrate on the most, but you should be aware the clitoris is not just that little bud. As a matter of fact, you can stimulate it without putting direct pressure on it by touching the sides of her vagina. You can try massaging those extensions either with flat and wide tongue strokes, or with a slow zig zag motion with your finger. Help yourself with some lubrication and begin to rub a slow kind of spiral in the superior part, trying to get in closer with each pass. That combination with the anticipation of when will you actually get there when she needs it the most will make her explode with pleasure.

On the other hand, if you want to encourage your partner when they are giving you a blowjob, make sure to let them know you are enjoying the process. Just as you’d probably enjoy having them tell you that what you are doing is wonderful for them, they’d enjoy it the other way around as well. If you don’t want to speak actual words, you can always grunt or make sounds; basically anything is better than just silence because it will probably make them think you are bored or somewhere else mentally.

When it comes to oral sex, if you are not sure about the kind of pressure or how she prefers being kissed, you can try something quite fun. Just make her treat your ear as she prefers her lady bits handled. Arousing? Definitely.

If you want to drive her mad with some doggy style, it may be a good idea to change from deep and fast movements to short and shallow penetration. This will trigger the most signals out of her nerve endings.

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